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In 1945 the father of Mrs. Carmela Celentano, opens one of the first clothing stores and fashion of Sorrento, at no. 4 via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani.

In 1965, Carmela and her husband will detect the activity, specializing in the sale of fabrics and men's underwear.

Carmela Celentano Esposizione - Sorrento

The small shop is beginning to become one of the reference points for local customers, and a little 'time to begin to expand, and so at no. 4 Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani you add sites to the local no. 6 and 8..

Currently, the store covers an area of 240 square meters and where at least three generations.

Carmela Celentano Esposizione - Sorrento

Carmela Celentano has always offered only Italian brands, quality and prestigious that enhance the total look sporty and trendy.

The customization of measure is total. You have the option to choose the fabric and the model in detail. The little adjustments, tweaks to the heads purchased are included in the price, and available to the customer, there is a tailor specialist carrying out what is required.

The term customers, to which is added that foreign arrive to Sorrento for the weekend and during the summer shopping, tip the exclusivity of the Italian brand, the taste and the excellent workmanship and, remaining satisfied, becomes an opportunity valid to widen the customer base.

On May 31th 2013 Carmela Celentano received the "Sorrento Civica 2013" award for having contributed to the development of the city through a laborious business activity.

Carmela Celentano Esposizione - Sorrento